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Vocal Coach REACTS to TNT BOYS AS BEE GEES | Too Much Heaven

Good morning beautiful VA’s.

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Rebecca is a passionate Singer-Songwriter/Vocal coach/mentor /impressionist/photographer/creative junkie /self- development lover not a hater.

“I want to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams…corny? Well maybe but it’s true. So what’s motivating me?? I had a huge tumour removed summer 2016. However, despite not being able to walk for a few weeks, and feeling generally awful…. It has made me create and do what I love! It wasn’t an easy time but I won’t let fear dictate my life. I didn’t think ‘why me’, there are plenty of horrific issues people have to deal with…it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s true when you hear, ‘Life is short’, the crazy thing is, I am glad it happened…I appreciate life even more and try to practice gratitude everyday…It’s so easy to get caught up with the little things…and I do sometimes, but look at the bigger picture, will it matter in a year or two…we are all specks of dust…Also thank you for all your support. It means a lot. I have suffered from anxiety from the past and self confidence, (yeah hard to see now right) didn’t think I was ‘good, or worthy enough’ but I feel I have a new lease of life, don’t really care as much and want to show you guys what I have! : ) You are all awesome and without you, there would be no channel.

Beautiful Life Radio 🌹 Vocal Deep & Tropical House / Chill / Dance 🌹24/7 Live Stream Music

Beautiful Life Radio 🌹 Vocal Deep & Tropical House / Chill / Dance 🌹24/7 Live Stream Music

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──────── Rules of Chat ────────
1. No racist, homophobic, religious, political or socially derogatory words.
2. Please attempt to be courteous, helpful, and respectful as much as possible.
3. No advertisement of any kind, that includes self-promotion.
4. 3 Strike System. 1. Warning from a moderator, 2. The second warning from a moderator 3. A temporary chat restriction for 5 minutes to think about what you did.
5. As we want to understand and each other to communicate more PLEASE write and answer in ENGLISH!
6. Do not invade the privacy of others. It is prohibited to share content that may reveal private personal information about individuals, or their private residence, without permission.

──────── Q/A ────────
Q: When did you start streaming?
A: 19 June 2016

Q: How long will the stream be online?
A: It should be online 24/7 unless we experience some technical difficulties.

Q: What happens if the stream goes offline?
A: If the stream goes offline we will work on getting it online as fast as posible

Q: Can you put on my song? Do you take song requests?
A: We don’t take requests in chat/facebook/email. Our playlists are carefully curated and therefore we can’t just play a song you want. In that way the stream is protected from harmful songs.

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Local Vocal — 90’s Dance acapella medley mix

No instruments, just a capella — Danish acapella vocal group — specialising in nordic vocal soundtradition and paying our tribute to the 90’s dance hits in our own a capella way. Play in HD and pump up the volume — everybody dance now!!
Please leave comments in English.

Contact info:
www: localvocal.dk
email: info@localvocal.dk
Facebook: http://facebook.com/localvocaldk

We do not own rights for any of the songs used in this medley. Credits is given to the owners of the tracks — however the score is written and arranged by Anna Østergaard.

Download mp3:
Please support us in making a new video by buying the audio for only $1 or more right here: http://localvocal.bandcamp.com

Our newest recording, Skyfall, is now available on Spotify and iTunes along with our 90’s Medley and two more vocal tracks!
Listen, stream and download here:
— Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1PsKAA9
— iTunes: http://apple.co/1Tj0CdW

Score arranged by Anna Østergaard — http://www.myspace.com/annaoestergaard
Recorded at Corona Music.
Mix and mastering: Henrik Birk Aaboe
Video by Anders Gissel — http://amazingduck.dk/en/

Tracks originally performed by
(in order of appearance)

Rythm of the Night — Corona (1993)
What is Love — Haddaway (1992)
All That She Wants — Ace of Base (1992)
Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) — Scatman John (1994)
Dub-I-Dub — Me & My (1995)
Dub-I-Dub — Axel Boys Quartet (1997)
I Like to Move It — Reel 2 real (1994)
Be My Lover — La Bouche (1995)
No limit — 2 Unlimited — (1992)
Sing Hallelujah — Dr. Alban (1993)