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The Dance Awards Las Vegas 2018 — Senior Male Dance Off/Improv PART 1 LYRICAL

part 1 — ballad song.
*pitched due to copyright

Top 3 — Scott Autry, Christian Smith, Jaxon Willard

The Dance Awards Nationals Las Vegas 2018 Dance Off!
Yadiel Figueroa
Jake McAuley
Scott Autry
Julian Lombardi
Tyler Duncan
Ezra Sosa
Gregory Jungco
Christian Smith
Jaxon Willard
Ferris Schley
Andres Penate

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Bad Workers Fails 😂Ultimate Workers Fails (Part 1) [TNT Channel]

These are the funniest bad workers fails ever! 😂
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Have you ever tried to do something compulsive and didn’t think twice if it will succeed? Well, hopefully, you are not one of these people. Check as we compiled some of the funniest bad workers fails that was caught on camera. This will surely make you laugh out loud! What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy!

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Bad Workers Fails: https://youtu.be/6HNgWQ0Oa8U

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THAILAND | VLOG | MJ5 | Part 2

MJ5 in complete Holiday Mood in Thailand.
MJ5 was so lazy to even Explore and things just happened on the way!

Have a Look Yourself!

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Tá Sobrando Popô — MCs Jhowzinho e Kadinho Part. Zé Felipe | FitDance TV (Coreografia) Dance Video

Tá Sobrando Popô — MCs Jhowzinho e Kadinho Part. Zé Felipe | FitDance TV (Coreografia) Dance Video

Coreografia Oficial FitDance.

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