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rap line next—»

i don’t own any clips. credit to the owner and thanks to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6s4Vu7Vuqh2Ej0FqZjcALg and Team DSML for the subs 😊

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2 walls, 84 counts, Improver
Choreographed by Rob Fowler
Music — Driven by Casey James

Wall 1 — restart after 16 counts
End of wall 4, tag then section 8 to end
End of wall 5, tag the section 8 to ending

Skip to minutes seconds for the music with calling
Skip to minutes seconds for the music

This video is for educational purposes only. I do not own the music. No copyright infringement intended.

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Christmas Tree — line dance(Intermediate)⚘Second Choreography👭

Count : 32 Wall : 2 Level: Intermediate
Choreographu : Hyun Ah Lee (KOR) &
Hee sun Lee (KOR) Nwember 2017 Music : «Christmas Tree» by Lady Gaga
(feat Space Cowboy) ZUMBA with kiesha

Intro : 32 counts from first beat in main music
Wall 3 after 16 count Tag1& Restart
Wall 5 after 16 count Tag1+Tag2 & Restart
Tag2 — When the song was changed like a bell


Thank You For Watching!


Learn How to Line Dance — Tush Push

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The name of the song used in this video is «Love Love Love» by The Chris King Band, (formerly known as Southern Cactus). You can find them and his CD at http://www.TheChrisKingband.com/.