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Dance Kuduro With Manuel Kanza is my online lessons

Teacher training ,4 months Course, License at end of course. Learn history, move names of kuduro and afro house, how to lead a class, how to keep the afro house vibe going, how to switch from one move to another without losing rhythm, learn the deferences between kuduro and afro house (and why), take lesson through Skype or face time and learn how to freestyle in both styles. This course will adjust to your schedule, you make your time for class. Apply now for – $200 per month of 6 months. Class description :

You will have the option to pick two days each week for instructions.

You will receive 4 instructions videos and one live (Skype or face time) lesson , 8 hours per month. In three months, you will be tested and you will learn our history and how we create moves for kuduro and Afro House.

You will create choreographies for your test – 3 choreographies on your own based on what you will learn. We need Feed back on everything we will discuss during lesson.

You will see deferent dancers throughout the course to speed up experiences. To help you get more knowledge about deferent ways of dancing and best styles for you.

You will learn how to combine moves for animation / leading.

you will get lessons on how to teach and prepare kuduro and afro house class for all levels. We will help you build your teaching plan for every week and show you how to keep your students motivated during class. This is very affective training.

You will be getting this private teacher training from the best choreographers and dancers in Angola. We expect that by the end of the course you be able to do every kuduro and afro house like us.

APPLY TODAY BY : making first payment of $200 on PayPal to the email below and SENDING YOUR BIO TO manuelkanza1987@hotmail.com

African dance 2017 | online lesson kuduro dance DVD check bio

All the lessons below are available for downloading – streaming Only

DVD Kuduro dance for beginners Tutorial – cost $25
DVD Advanced Kuduro + names of moves Tutorial – Cost $30
DVD Afro house for beginners Tutorial- cost $25
DVD advanced Afro house Tutorial + names of moves – cost $30
DVD kuduro and Afro –teacher training Full Pack Material – cost $200
DVD – AFRO HOUSE FOUNDATION explained and Lesson – $150 ” special “
Any Skype or Live training cost – $30 for one hour ” special “
Kizomba , kuduro ,semba and Afro house – 50min film/documentary cost $25
The online Teacher training course of both Afro house and Kuduro cost $200 per month – 4 months duration
WARNING! Please contact us before making payment. Thank you 😊 “All payments are done through PAYPAL to Manuelkanza1987@hotmail.com , then you will receive your lessons”