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Bboy Junior -vs- Bboy Neguin / Breakin’ Freestyle Battle / 310XT FILMS / URBAN DANCE SHOWCASE

• ARTISTS: Bboy Junior & Bboy Neguin
• MUSIC: ’11h30′ — DANGER
• EVENT: Urban Dance Showcase

• WB http://www.theUrbanDanceCamp.com
• IG http://instagram.com/Urban.Dance.Camp
• FB http://facebook.com/theUrbanDanceCamp
• YT http://youtube.com/UrbanDanceCamp

MATRANG — OMO (Танец, Танцы, Dance, Freestyle)

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MASHUP SONG | Sushant Khatri | Akhil Ak Zak | Freestyle Dance Video

It was really fun to do this with my buddy SUSHANT KHATRI,
So great personality and a humble person.
I really appreciate brother for your kind nature towards me.
«MASHUP SONG | Sushant Khatri | Akhil Ak Zak | Freestyle Dance Video»


@AKHIL_AK_ZAK ( https://www.instagram.com/akhilakzak/ )

@Akhil Ak Zak ( https://twitter.com/Akhil_Ak_Zak )

Akhil Ak-Zak — (https://www.facebook.com/bboywing.akhil )

AKHIL AK ZAK ( https://www.facebook.com/AKHIL-AK-ZAK… )

( https://www.instagram.com/sushantkhatri148/ )

( www.youtube.com/sushantkhatri )

Meditation Dance: «Tantric Kundalini Energy» — Spiritual, Freestyle Movement, Yoga, Wellness, Health

Dance has always been an art form, an energetic and emotional way to express one’s self through the movements of the body, and for many cultures, a state of subconscious connection with the spiritual beliefs. The Kundalini is the metaphysical and esoteric energy force that resides in us, which consists of energy channels and centers or Chakras. In our Tantric Kundalini Energy Meditation Dance music track, this includes brainwave entrainments for deep meditation, awakening of our primal energy, useful during Pranayama breathing exercises, Yoga, and can stimulate a spiritual connection as we become aware of our energy core. The binaural beats range from 4Hz to 8Hz, and uses the carrier frequency of 126.22, which is connected to the Manipura chakra.

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Freestyle Crew (Фристайл Крю) — участники шоу Танцы 4 сезон на ТНТ, чеченцы из Грозного, танцуют брейкданс и хип-хоп

Инстаграм Саида Акаева: https://www.instagram.com/saidakaev/

Инстаграм Тимерлана Кадиева: https://www.instagram.com/timerlan_k/

Инстаграм Тимура Кадиева: https://www.instagram.com/freestyle__crew/

Это видео носит информационно-просветительский характер и преследует своей целью информирование пользователей youtube об участниках передач, транслируемых в телевизионном эфире. Компиляция состоит из материалов, размещённых в социальных сетях, а также музыкальных произведений из библиотеки Youtube, не требующей указания авторства. Если вы считаете, что ваши права нарушены, просьба написать сначала сюда: https://vk.com/teleass Спасибо за понимание!

FCI Dog dance World Championship 2016 – Freestyle final — Lusy Imbergerova and Deril (Italy)

Final ranking: 2nd place (category: Freestyle)

The FCI dog dance world championships 2016 took place in Moscow, Russia from 23 – 26 june 2016. The participants competed in two categories: freestyle and heelwork to music. This routine above was shown in the freestyle final, where only the ten best participants were competing.

A freestyle routine displays the dog and the handler in a creative, innovative and original way, using music and intricate movements to showcase teamwork, artistry, athleticism and style in interpreting the theme of the music.

Heelwork to music (HTM):
A HTM routine should be done with the dog and the handler in close proximity to each other throughout the routine. On all moves, the dog and handler team should move as one entity throughout the routine, displaying heelwork and creativity in the many positions and behaviors possible in HTM.

For more information about the FCI dog dance world championship 2016 see: http://wds2016.dogdance.ru