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MOST BEAUTIFUL Contemporary Dance Video

Jade Chong and Kirsten McInnis are 2 beautiful and talented young women with a deep passion for dance. When I discovered them at a Vancouver dance festival I knew right away they would be the perfect match for my vision to create an inspiring video. A video that would showcase true passion in forms of movement.

This video is a collaboration between videographer Audrey Bow and Lifetime Captures Photography. While we planned the video shoot, chose the music and planned the interviews video production was done by talented Audrey Bow (check our her portfolio at http://audreybow.com). Another credit is given to artistic director and choreographer Ashley Sweett for this awesome choreography! Check out her website at http://www.sweettmoves.com/

Film locations: Iona Beach Richmond and Olympic Oval Richmond BC.

Looking for a Vancouver dance videographer / photographer?

Lifetime Captures Photography has been specializing in wedding and portrait photography and is also extending their expertise in dance photography and dance videography in Vancouver, BC and beyond!
Visit our websites and get in touch! We want to hear about your talent and passion!

Weddings: http://www.lifetimecaptures.com
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Beautiful Life Radio 🌹 Vocal Deep & Tropical House / Chill / Dance 🌹24/7 Live Stream Music

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[Dance Practice] 몬스타엑스 (MONSTA X) — 아름다워 (BEAUTIFUL)

Itunes Download ▶ https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-clan-pt-2-5-beautiful/id1217751251?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes

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P!nk — Beautiful Trauma (Dance Video)

P!NK’s new album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ featuring the single “What About Us” is available now!
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Neeye — A tamil musical dance video | Phani Kalyan | Gomtesh Upadhye

Neeye is a tamil music video celebrating Dance and Love

You can listen/buy the song in the links below

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Check out the other two versions here


Credits (Neeye Tamil music video)
Featuring Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish
Written and Directed by Gomtesh Upadhye
Music Composed by Phani Kalyan
Choreography by Vishwakiran Nambi
Director of Photography Gomtesh Upadhye and Akshay Rao
Song written by Arivu
Singers : Yazin Nizar and Sharanya Srinivas

Associate Director
Cyril John

Song Recording
Programmed by: V.S Bharan
Shehnai: Balesh
Recorded at KF Studio, Chennai
Mixed & Mastered by: Pradeep Menon at AM Studios, Chennai

Direction and Cinematography team
Shankar Bhagavath
Milind Munavalli

Tom Jose

Editing team
Gomtesh Upadhye
Mani BT
Cyril John

DI first look
Dibin Vijay

Costumes by
Niveditha Kaverappa
Vishwakiran Nambi

Live Sound

Sound Engineer
Jude Periera

Foley Mix
Ganesan Sekar

Guest Appearance
Vishwakiran Nambi

Gimbal Team (Indierigs, Bengaluru)
Rabi Kisku

Sunil, Top Shot

Titles and designs
Karan Acharya

Shot on
Nikon (Nikon professional Services, Bengaluru)

Crowd funding partner

Rental partners
Book My Lens (Bengaluru)

Location Partners
Magnum Arena
MLR Convention Centre , Whitefield
Brigade Group
SMR Janapriya
Aayana Yoga Academy

Thank you (location partners)
Ramesh Kumar (Brigade Hospitality)
Murali P Reddy
Divakar KB
Sandeep Reddy
Rajnarayan Reddy
Anand Mertia
Regeesh Vattakandy

Beautiful Chinese Fan Dance — Flying Kites 放风筝 — Colours of Dance at the River Rock Theatre

This fan dance, Flying Kites 放风筝performed by the Colours of Dance Academy is one of the best traditional Chinese dances performed in North America. This is performed at the One World Celebration at the River Rock Theatre, Richmond, B.C., Canada. The show consisted of many talented dancers, singers, martial artists and people of other arts who flew here from China to show their talents.

Colours of Dance Academy:
http:performed by the called //www.coloursofdance.ca/