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Nicole Steen’s Zumba Dance to «Mi Gente» Remix by J Balvin, Willy & Willy william ft. Beyonce

Nicole Steen, Samba Queen Brenda, and the TNT Twins dedicate their Zumba Dance routine of «Mi Gente» by J Balvin & Willy Williams ft. Beyonce to the people of Mexico, Miami, Houston, and all of those in the Caribbean affected by the natural disasters that have occurred in the past month. We love you and are praying for you. If you want to help out, buy this song on itunes and all the proceeds will be donated to the relief efforts. If you want to dance with Nicole, check out www.NicoleSteenFitness.com for schedule!
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Downtown — Anitta & J Balvin | FitDance TV (Coreografia) Dance Video

Downtown — Anitta & J Balvin | FitDance TV (Coreografia) Dance Video
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Coreografia Oficial do clipe criado por @ariellemacedo.

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Mi Gente — J. Balvin, Willy William | FitDance Life (Coreografía) Dance Video

Mi Gente — J. Balvin, Willy William | FitDance Life (Coreografía) Dance Video
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X (EQUIS) Nicky Jam & J. Balvin — Easy Fitness Dance Choreography — Baile — Coreografia

Watch the original X (Equis) video by Nicky Jam & J. Balvin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I_D_8Z4sJE
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►Choreo by: Sassie — Saskia van Dijk

►Song: X (EQUIS) by Nicky Jam & J. Balvin

X (Equis) — Nicky Jam ft. J Balvin | FitDance SWAG (Choreography) Dance Video

X (Equis) — Nicky Jam ft. J Balvin | FitDance SWAG (Choreography) Dance Video

Choreographer: Dam Fernandes

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BUM BUM TAM TAM — J Balvin & Future Dance | Matt Steffanina ft Chachi Gonzales

BUM BUM TAM TAM Dance || Matt Steffanina & Chachi Gonzales
Stream Bum Bum Tam Tam ▶ https://islandrecs.lnk.to/BumBumTamTamDC
Last Video: KEVIN HART FIRED ME ▶ https://youtu.be/ymE0KLUiZhc

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To win, use the hashtag #BumBumTamTamChallenge when you upload your cover videos on all your social networks

PRIZE: $1000

Submission deadline: 23rd March
Winner announcement: 2nd April

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Song: Bum Bum Tam Tam (remix) — MC Fioti, J Balvin, Future, Jason Derulo (Brazilian Funk)
Choreographed by: Matt & Chachi
Filmed by: Ryan Parma
Edited by: Matt Steffanina
Location: Millennium Dance Complex & Studio V

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KEVIN HART VLOG — https://youtu.be/N6lp8K9jKSQ

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Mi Gente — J Balvin, Willy William ft. Beyoncé / Youjin Kim Choreography

Youjin Kim teaches choreography to Mi Gente by J Balvin, Willy William.

1MILLION Dance Studio

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1MILLION Dance Studio

«MI GENTE» — J Balvin Dance | Matt Steffanina ft Josh Killacky

«MI GENTE» — J Balvin Dance | Matt Steffanina Choreography
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Song: «Mi Gente» — J Balvin ft Willy William
Choreography by: Matt Steffanina & JB
Location: Millennium Dance Complex
Filmed by: Monsee Wood
Edited by: Matt Steffanina

Group 1: Matt Steffanina, Josh Killacky
Group 2: Nika Kljun, Erica Klein, Nikky Kitaguchi, Jentry Robinson, Alyssa Stamp
Group 3: Bailey Sok, Kenneth San Jose
Group 4: BDash, Donovan Gibbs, Trey Gibbs
Group 5: Charlize Glass, Logan Edra
Group 6: Andy Torres, Dan Camm, Jose Monteon, Willy
Group 7: Kaycee Rice, Tati Mcquay, Leanne Langston, Cammy Elliott, Leor
Group 8: Nicole, Serena, Alena, Aiden

Award Winning choreographer Matt Steffanina has been dancing in movies, TV shows and alongside artists like Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, and Chris Brown for the past 10 years. Last year he won CBS’s Emmy award winning show «The Amazing Race» elevating him from a well-known choreographer to an international TV personality. He is also the executive producer, and co-creator of the shows «Dance Off Juniors», «BoySquad» & «DanceCon».

Matt is the most followed dancer in the world with over 11 million subscribers on his youtube channels totaling over 1.5 BILLION views. largely in part to his FREE instructional youtube channel DanceTutorialsLive where he and his instructors teach millions of dancers around the world each year. Using his online platforms he strives to create more opportunities for the community of hip hop dancers both in Los Angeles and around the world online.

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«GUCCI GANG» — Lil Pump: https://youtu.be/D3NspKYS5dY
«NO LIMIT» ft Dytto: https://youtu.be/3YyQ3Mi06Sw
«MI GENTE» — J Balvin: https://youtu.be/jl6gS2KbYkk
«SHAPE OF YOU» — Ed Sheeran: https://youtu.be/lq5oUOKh368
«BODAK YELLOW» — Cardi B: https://youtu.be/VAfPxtIDyyY
«RAKE IT UP» — Yo Gotti: https://youtu.be/X5qpDrmyO0E
«BAD AND BOUJEE» — Migos: https://youtu.be/vXUQcr1kTHQ
«SWALLA» — Jason Derulo: https://youtu.be/vyleKZJXBN8
«DANCECON 5» — https://youtu.be/jtWOxft827k

Q: Who are your favorite artists to dance to?
A: Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift

Q: Where can we get more info on workshops?
A: Sign up for the mailing list on my website http://mattsteffanina.com & follow me on instagram (http://instagram.com/mattsteffanina)

Q: What do you recommend for someone that is new to dance?
A: Start with the easier tutorials on DanceTutorialsLive (http://bit.ly/2jks81c) and work your way up to the harder routines. Remember that it takes time to learn how to dance and pick up choreography so don’t be hard on yourself. Track your progress by filming yourself and when you feel comfortable to upload your first cover tag us @DNCRvids & @MattSteffanina on Instagram so we can check it out.

If you have a local studio in your area it’s a great idea to get into some weekly classes too. Experiment with different teachers and style to find what works best for you. Above all remember that dancing should be fun, enjoy the process and support others in the community!

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