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WEDDING FIRST DANCE | Are you getting married but you can’t dance? WE CAN HELP.

Want to Learn? Go To: http://bit.ly/wedding_dance_tutorial

Wedding First Dance — Are you getting married but you can’t dance? We can help

We specialize in Online Wedding Dance Lessons and First Dance Choreographies.
The short demonstration above serves to showcase the style of dance and the moves we teach in our Online tutorial.

Our goal is not to make you professional dancers, our goal is to make you look really good together during your Wedding First Dance and we aim to do that with the least amount of stress and work possible. As a matter of fact, we trust that you will have fun learning with us.
We want you to enjoy your dance as a newly married couple and we want you to impress your family and friends!

Who is it for?

Our Wedding Dance Tutorial was specifically designed for couples that have no dance training or experience. If you are a complete beginner this course is for you!

What do you get?

Once you sign up you will gain full and immediate access to our web platform. It extremely user-friendly, as a matter of fact, any time you sign in you will be sent directly to the lesson
where you left off.

Our tutorial is built around 25 lessons and is structured into 3 modules:

— In Module 1 you will learn the basics of partner dancing: Posture, leading and following and simple and easy dance steps.

— In Module 2 we will teach you to dance patterns and moves, all of which are designed to look impressive but yet very easy to learn with our step-step instructions.

— In the last module, we will show you how to choreograph your song with the moves you learned. We will also teach how to enter and exit the floor.

Each module consists of several lessons. In each you will get:

— An HD video giving you step-by step detailed instructions. All our videos are short (3 to 5 minutes) and to the point!
— A short written summary of the important points to remember from the specific lesson.
— Tips.
— A «Questions and Answer» box so that you can ask any question you have directly to your teacher!

Does it work with every song?

Most songs but not all. The Online Wedding Dance Tutorial works with all 4/4, 2/2 and 4/2 time signatures (and that’s most songs) but it doesn’t work with a 3/4-time signature (the Waltz).
So unless you plan on dancing the Waltz, yes it will work.

How long will it take to learn your Wedding Dance?

It’s a difficult question to answer. We recommend you give yourselves 3 weeks so that you
have time to practice and assimilate your choreography. The more you practice you more confident you will and on the dance floor confidence is elegance!
This being said we have had quite a few students that started the lessons just a few days before their wedding and it worked for them. Still, not advisable.

If you need more information about our Online Course, please visit our website: www.weddingdancetutorial.com or don’t hesitate to send us an email.

In the meantime, here are our top tips for a spectacular wedding first dance:

Top Tips for a Spectacular Wedding First Dance:

1- Pick you song carefully but don’t stress over it!

You may already know what song you want to dance and that’s great but if you don’t it can be difficult to choose a song. Don’t try to get the «perfect» song but rather pick a song that resonates with both of you at some level.

2- Give yourself at least 3 weeks.

You more time you have to practice the easier it will be, the more confident you will feel and the more fun you will have!
And don’t forget, you will be busy finalizing all the bits and pieces for the wedding ceremony.
Ideally, start learning 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding day.

3- Keep your choreography short.

It’s obvious but we sometimes forget, a short choreography will be much easier than a long one to learn.
We recommend you keep you dance to around 3 minutes. We will show you how to do that in the tutorial.

4- Keep your choreography simple.

We have packed the video above with as many moves as we good to showcase what we can teach you but your own dance does not need to be so complex.
Learn a few moves and know them well!
Again we have a formula for that and we will teach it to you.

5- Practice, practice, practice!

There is no substitute for practice. When the lights come on and you step on the dance floor you will be thankful for this advice.

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching. We wish you the best of luck for your wedding day and lots of happiness in your new life as husband and wife.

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DANCE MOMS: La despedida de Abby — (Temp 7, Ep 170) | Lifetime Latinoamérica

Siendo la última vez que la ven a Abby antes de la sentencia, todos se ponen muy emotivos por la despedida de su maestra.
Perteneciente al episodio “Abby abandona el nido” (temporada 7 — episodio 170).

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Mira episodios completos de Lifetime Latinoamérica en nuestra aplicación: http://play.lifetime.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/milifetime
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/milifetime
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Dance Moms vuelve para revelar el detrás de escena del mundo de la danza, donde Abby Lee Miller, la devota y demandante profesora, preparará a un nuevo grupo de niñas y sus madres para afrontar los desafíos que impone la danza competitiva.

Temporada 7 – Episodio 170
“Abby abandona el nido”

El equipo se despide en forma aparentemente definitiva de Abby cuando esta decide viajar a Europa a solo una semana de su sentencia. Las madres tienen su última pelea con la coach acerca de una rutina inspirada en el veganismo en la que Kendall, Brynn y Kalani compiten por un solo.

|| Lifetime Latinoamérica es la marca que te inspira a buscar tu lado más femenino y empoderado, reconoce la fuerza de la autorealización y el emprendimiento que vive en ti. ||

Монстер Хай: ужасные танцы. 3 сезон, лучшие мультики.

Лучшие мультики Монстер Хай! 3 сезон: Ужасные танцы. В Школе Монстров снова кастинг на главную роль в танцевальном спектакле! Её получит одна счастливица. Свои силы решили поопробовать Оперетта, Робекка, Лагуна, Хоулин и Рошель. Вот только у последней мало что получается, она же из камня. И это очень расстраивает Рошель… Но что, если роль достанется именно ей?

Лучшие мультики Монстер Хай: подпишись — и смотри каждый день!

▶️ Все новости Монстр Хай на русском — куклы, мультфильмы, игры: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTu_K9jYEsg&list=PLuegxw7z9m3Y-cYTPHkh56LsU_vuksHco&index=1

▶️ Приключения Команды Монстров — новый мультик 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd_RdRu5I_E&list=PLuegxw7z9m3be0dH8WIQIGVev0CRXP6YB&index=1

О Monster High / Монстр Хай:
Monster High не похожа ни на одну другую школу! Где ещё преподают безумную науку, ужасное домоводство или дракономику? По-настоящему особенной Монстр Хай делают не уроки, а фантастические ученики! Они приходят из самых невероятных мест. Призраки, мумии, вампиры, морские чудовища и не только — в Монстр Хай рады всем! Это место, где ценят черты, которые делают тебя непохожим на других. Ученики Monster High принимают друзей такими, как есть — в этом и заключается настоящая дружба!
А какова твоя БУникальность?

Just Dance 2016 — Animals — 5 stars

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All rights of music are reserved to their respective artists and labels, there is no copyright infringement intended. All rights of game intended solely to their respective companies, this is a gameplay just for entertainment, according to their video policies. Please, If there is any problem with this video, kindly ask you to contact me, my email is in the «ABOUT» tab in my channel.

Почему хрустят суставы. Травмы в танцах. И как с ними бороться.

Выпуск снят в НАДО Medical Fitness: http://nadofit.ru/
Скидка по промокоду ТАНЯ+ТАНЦЫ
Травмы в танцах. И как с ними бороться. Почему хрустят суставы и насколько это опасно? Что делать при растяжениях? Травмы при растяжке и все ли могут сесть на шпагат? Таня проходит диагностику и проверяет на себе, что такое «медицинский фитнес».
Для тех, у кого мало времени:
0:52 — почему все хрустит
1:27 — это вредно или нет
3:15 — все ли могут сесть на шпагат
4:20 — что делать при растяжении
5:28 — диагностика для Тани
7:27 — медицинский фитнес
8:10 — надо ли Тане бросать балет

Aakrit Intensive Training Program 2018 | Aakrit Dance Centre | My Online Dance Class

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