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Вася VS Катя — ТАНЦЕВАЛЬНЫЙ БАТЛ//КатинаВася/Вежно ТВ//

Вася VS Катя — ТАНЦЕВАЛЬНЫЙ БАТЛ. Танцы со звездами, но без звезд. Лучший танцевальный батл за всю историю ТНТ.
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Available @ https://BLACKPINK.lnk.to/SQUAREONEID

BLACKPINK — ‘휘파람'(WHISTLE) M/V @ https://youtu.be/dISNgvVpWlo

BLACKPINK — ‘붐바야'(BOOMBAYAH) M/V @ https://youtu.be/bwmSjveL3Lc


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Migos — Stir Fry Dance Compilation 2018 │#AmazingLitVideos #litdances #stirfrychallenge

Migos — Stir Fry Dance Compilation 2018 │#AmazingLitVideos #litdances #stirfrychallenge

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Please watch in HD

Special thanks to
Make up: Boo
Camera: Bông (Caramen VBB Gen2)
Staffs: Kieu Anh Le, Mi Nguyen
Trang phuc bieu dien Mimi
Trang phuc bieu dien Sequeen

Chungha đã có một màn comeback cực kì ấn tượng với “Roller Coaster” vì thế BLACKCHUCK đã không ngần ngại tập luyện và cho ra mắt sản phẩm Dance cover để gửi tới các bạn ❤️ Chúng mình còn thiếu sót rất nhiều vì vậy BLACKCHUCK sẽ rất vui nếu nhận được những lời góp ý đến từ phía mọi người, để chúng mình có thể tiến bộ hơn ở video sau ~
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từ BLACKCHUCK với thật nhiều yêu thương ~

Behind the Scenes of Dance Like Me (Official Music Video) | Brooklyn and Bailey

DOWNLOAD DANCE LIKE ME ▶ http://smarturl.it/dancelikeme
WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ http://youtu.be/LwsF-hgpkN4
LEARN THE LYRICS ▶ http://youtu.be/S03EQauSzoY
PRE-ORDER SIMPLE THINGS ▶ http://hyperurl.co/SimpleThings

We had so much fun writing, recording, and filming for our first single Dance Like Me! Since y’all were a HUGE part in helping us pick out several aspects of the song, we had to film a «Behind the Scenes» video from the beginning, all the way to the end of this pop music project.

We started out by flying to LA for a writing session with our producer Benny Cassette. It was so neat to see how a hip hop song comes together, both in lyrics and in music! We channeled Katy Perry as inspiration for this video. Hopefully you can see a little how incredibly difficult and super fun that writing process is! (I was super sick that day, with an awful cold, yet I still had a blast in helping create our new music!)

We then show you the recording process, and how we designed our album cover. It is a bit intimidating listening to yourself in headphones, but once you are used to it… you wanna belt out like Taylor Swift! Later, you’ll see the planning process for our official music video, which we filmed at our high school. The dance choreography was intense, and we learned it all in one day! In fact, that first scene you see us in studio was only filmed after about 3-4 hours of instruction.

Then, watch as we take you Behind the Scenes on the actual day of the shoot! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN, and learned a lot about the production process. We never guessed how much work really goes into a music project like this! GUESS WHAT? We have two more songs coming very soon!

Thanks to all the cast and crew who helped with the Dance Like Me official music video shoot! Special thanks to Select Next (producer), Nayip Ramos (Director), Benny Cassette (music producer), our family and friends, Lovejoy High School, and Cory Richards (who filmed the BTS). Extra special thanks to all of you who were chosen as extras who waited ALL DAY to help us out, even as we were rained out! We love you all!

💋’s -Brooklyn

Spotify | https://play.spotify.com/artist/4Y8tcJEqYuIDSNAZEqu9Nd?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
SoundCloud | http://soundcloud.com/brooklynandbailey
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SnapChat | http://snapchat.com/add/BrookAndBailey
Musical.ly | @BrooklynAndBailey

Produced by SelectNext
Executive Producers: Mindy McKnight, Amy Neben, Adam Wescott, Scott Fisher
Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer: Danielle Shapira
DP: Cameron Schmucker
Special thanks to Lovejoy Independent School District, Donna Washburn, Dennis Womack, Andre, MPS Studios, MP&E, Bolt Productions, Production Zone, Lori Boldt and The Dance Movement, Taco Crush, and Cory Richards
For full list of credits, please visit:

Brooklyn and Bailey “Dance Like Me” (Official Music Video)

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Just Dance 2017 | Song List (Official) | Complete

Buy Just Dance 2017 Now!
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Just Dance 2017 already is here! In all consoles:

Wii, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch (March 2017)

You liked the «Song List» of songs from this new game? You think that may be some surprise more in this game? any song extra or something? 😀

Just Dance Page Oficial!

I hope that the video like it, and help me to share! 😀

———————————————- Español ——————————-

Te gusto la lista de canciones de este nuevo Just Dance?
Esperas alguna sorpresa mas?… Tal vez una cancion extra o otra cosa?

Espero que el video les Guste Mucho y me ayuden a compartirlo se los hice con mucho amor :’)

——— Opinion Personal———

Estuve trabajando en esta Song List desde Junio fue mucho la espera para poder subirlo ya que el canal oficial de JD no soltaba los nuevos gameplays tan rapido :S, pero espero y valga la pena 🙂

Me encantaron todas las canciones de este nuevo JD y espero que las proximas entregas sean tan buenas como esta 😀 !!!

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