Twice «What is Love?» Dance Tutorial (Chorus)

Find out what love really is with this tutorial. Show some support for Sandra’s first tutorial for TWICE’s What is Love? We hope you enjoy!

Sandra: @sandrateaa
Vincent: @vincenttrang
Elaine: @ey_elaine @elaineeeyang
Michaela: @its_tai.m
Millie: @ninja_fromouterspace

Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate

60%: 16:17
70%: 17:02
80%: 17:43
90%: 18:17
100%: 19:17
Final: 19:47

Official MV:

Sicillia, Michaela, and Rico are teaching weekly K-Pop cover dance classes at DanceLife X Centre in downtown Toronto, along with a couple other amazing instructors! Come out to learn from them in person 🙂
Check out the DanceLife X website for more info:



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