17th ODC video — «We are (a)live!»

«We are (a)live» is the incredible video of the month of November of the Online Dance Company powered by Millennium bcp!
Shared through live streaming on November 19th it was performed in a single take and starred Jukebox Crew, Bootcamp, Praxis Crew, BLKBRDS and pianist Hugo Oliveira.
«A team with talent can be good. But they must come together to be great! «By Jon Gordon

Diretor Artístico | Artistic Director: Cifrão
Direção Coreográfica | Choreography Director: Vasco Alves
Bailarinos | Dancers: Jukebox Crew, Bootcamp, Praxis Crew
Pianista | Pianist: Hugo Oliveira
Banda | Band: The BLKBRDS
Realização | Directed By: Madstudios
Live Stream: We are Live — digital solutions
Produzido por | Produced by: Glam


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